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Birmingham, MI Senior Millage 2023

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Citizens Supporting Seniors

Thank you Birmingham Voters!

Thank you for all of the support at the polls for passing the Senior Millage. This is the beginning of a shared journey for all of our citizens.  Stay tuned for more updates as we move forward together. 

results of November 7 election

Thank You For Your Vote

The Birmingham community supported a unanimously approved bond initiative to support senior citizens and the wider community. This initiative recognizes the need to provide a long-term solution to community needs. Good things are coming; stay tuned. Thank you!

FAQ Below

Facilities and Infrastructure Goals

With operating funds secured to ensure the operations and limited improvements to support a community and senior community center, Birmingham and the surrounding communities will help develop a long-term strategic vision our community needs. Stay tuned for more!

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Learn more about what NEXT does in the community and for senior citizens. 

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We are citizens in Birmingham and surrounding communities. We support the voter-approved millage designed to enhance operations of the upcoming new home of NEXT! Join our list to stay informed. 

Welcome to the Citizens Supporting Seniors web page. We are supporters of the Birmingham Senior and Community Center, and we work to help ensure the funding needs of the community are met. Please explore this site and learn how supporting seniors and NEXT will support the entire community.  Join our mailing list to stay informed. Thank you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

On November 7, 2023, voters approved a new debt millage with all proceeds supporting the operations of the Birmingham Senior Citizens community.

The panels below summarize the most frequently asked questions (click the individual panels to open).


What were the results of the vote?

Voters Approved 

On election day 2023, by a nearly 70% margin, voters approved the Senior Millage. 

Why Does NEXT Have To Move?

150% Membership Growth 

  • NEXT membership has increased 150% in the last 10 years.
  • Birmingham’s senior population is projected to increase by 22%  by 2045
  • There is no available space at Midvale; it’s current home since 1995
  • The potential expansion of educational service needs makes it impossible for BPS to provide additional space



Why Do We Need A Senior Millage?


  • Birmingham has purchased the YMCA building to provide a permanent home for senior services.
  • To support operations and planning for the growth of our senior community
  • To fund the first steps to make the building suitable for senior services 
  • To provide dedicated funding for senior services




Where Will The Money Go?

Senior Services

  • All the money collected will go to the City of Birmingham 
  • Placed in a separate fund designated for senior services
  • Initially, it will be used for interim building improvements



What Will Happen To NEXT?

NEXT Is Thriving

  • NEXT will continue to  be the provider of senior services
  • NEXT will continue to operate at Midvale until 2026
  • Currently, membership policies will remain the same
What Will This Cost Me?

On Its Own…

  • Approximately $96/year for the average residential taxpayer 
  • The new millage, if approved, will be offset by a decrease in Birmingham’s debt service millage
  • The new millage (if approved) replaces the old debt service millage on a one-to-one basis
What is NEXT?

NEXT is…

  • A Birmingham non-profit organization providing programming and support services to seniors for over 40 years
  • A vibrant and active community with over 2,000  members
  • People dedicated to helping  seniors to age in place and remain independent
  • Learn more at
What is a senior millage?

Dedicated Funding…

Funds collected under this millage are dedicated to the support of the Senior Community. They are to support building improvements and offer support to programming and operations. 

What are the benefits for "non-senior" residents?

According to the National Council on Aging,  and reinforced by the operations of NEXT, senior centers have become one of the most widely used services among America’s older adults. A community that offers coordinated services for ALL citizens enhances the value of belonging to and living in the community. Along with strong public schools, the higher level of services promotes growth, strong property values, and community engagement.  

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